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When asked what Healthy Home Ownership® means to her, Shelby said, “Healthy Home Ownership® means stability for our children. With each investment we make from decisions for my husband's business, toys for our kids, dining out, upgrades to our home, etc., we carefully explain to our kids what finances mean to us. We don’t just spend money because we have it.
Not only are we raising smart young men, they appreciate the toys, eating out, even more when we get to do those things. That makes it even more enjoyable as parents.
We do the best we can in making the wise decisions for our family. That is the ultimate freedom.”

Shelby Negrete


When asking Rebecca Hatcher what Healthy Home Ownership® means to her and her family, she said, "to us, Healthy Home Ownership® is putting in hard work. It’s making sacrifices in the short-term to live free in the long run. We made a lot of small sacrifices to pay off our credit card debt. Those sacrifices have allowed us to be able to afford to live comfortably now and provide for our family without so many worries. I never understood how much the debt was costing us until we didn’t have it anymore."

Rebecca Hatcher

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When asking Lenny Sharp, Twiss Realty Advisor, what Healthy Home Ownership® means to him, he stated, "To me, healthy home ownership is a situation where owning a home brings joy, not stress. An asset that helps one achieve financial goals, not a burden to overcome."
He continues to say that, "to live in a home as a healthy owner, requires minimal or no other debt, and income adequate to comfortably cover all expenses with enough buffer to manage unforeseen circumstances. Healthy home ownership® as an investor, means the income is sufficient to provide return on investment that meets the investment objectives even in a down market. Whether as a residence or an investment, a home should contribute to financial peace."

Lenny Sharp

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HHOP® has been such an eye opener for me, personally. My husband and I bought our house in 2019. We bought it knowing it was a fixer upper. We just didn’t know how we were going to pay for those upgrades. But, “we’d figure it out”...
Shortly after, Courtney & Jarrod hosted a class by Dave Ramsey and holy cow did I feel like we were doing it all wrong.
It was scary, but we focused on paying off bills for a long time. We got credit cards paid off, stopped paying for apps, tv, eating out, and we eventually were able to pay off our car. We were so excited to get that pink slip in the mail! Our monthly payments dwindled significantly, so our next step was to start saving for the house repairs.
Our list was extensive however; we made the list and started to save and guess what? We have almost finished ALL of the projects with CASH! We have increased the equity in our home, always pay cash and do not live beyond our means. We are not house poor. We only have what we can afford and that’s okay! We have been in over our heads before and we do not want to do it again! Healthy Home Ownership® is an accomplishment and it feels so good! I feel lucky to get to share this program with my clients.

Morgan Williams

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When asked what Healthy Home Ownership® means to her, Michele said, “Healthy Home Ownership® means having a smart budget, paying off our debt, CLOSING our credit cards, SAVING for an emergency, having 3-6 months expenses saved, maxing out all retirement options, saving for college, NO car payments and PAYING OFF OUR HOME. After completing Ramsey's Financial Peace Course, our entire family accomplished all of the above! Now, we live a life free of unpredictability, stability and having a plan for an early retirement.
The best part of our journey is that our young daughter has been part of each step. The greatest gift is that she has experienced these life lessons so early on. According to her, Healthy Home Ownership means: working hard to own your home that is a home you can afford. To save money, don't use credit cards and always pay cash. It doesn't get any better than that! It takes an enormous amount of hard work but, in the end, it's all worth it!

Michele Roderick

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When asking Courtney Twiss what Healthy Home Ownership® means to her, she stated, "Freedom".

About a decade ago Courtney and her husband Jarrod began their journey of paying off debt and saving money to buy property and build a home for their family. Through the guidance of the financial guru, Dave Ramsey, they were able to start over after near financial ruin and get back on their feet again. They had made poor choices and were living outside of their means. They learned how to change their lifestyle, work a budget, and be thoughtful with their decisions. They worked as much as they could. Utilizing significant sweat equity, they invested wisely in a vacation rental. After 7 years, they built their farm style home on 12 acres. Now, they continue to stick to their budget and grow wealth through healthy habits and investments which now includes a small boutique hotel that they purchased in 2021. Healthy Home Ownership® is often a sacrifice in the short-term that sets you up to succeed in the long-term. It is having freedom through discipline and intention. It can sometimes be difficult, however, it is absolutely achievable for all.

Courtney Twiss

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